To my churches, though I have been away.

It has been some months of craziness, getting back from the excavations in Greece, starting (and finishing) my Masters thesis, and really connecting with the Lord. Though the job search is pending, God has had everything to do with providing me this year. I am, remarkably, in a place where I have been living for free, and now moving to a new apartment. I had a heavy spirit of anxiety and distress, when a friend (minutes after I had a revelation of God’s provision) walked in with a room for me. It was the beginning of something great.

For a while now I have been, concentrating on my masters, yes, but also thinking about next year and the promises God has made me. I have made incredible contacts here, one of which gave me the highest note on a project I handed in to him concerning the foundation of  archaeology NGO. I have actually been looking at options next year, and it looks like the Getty Museum takes interns! I am applying this year to help out at the museum and to learn about the preservation of societies, through the wonderful lens of history and archaeology. I will be able to go on field projects and learn how to conserve the physical remains of peoples’ past (and hopefully make some more contacts!).

It all seems so fast, and I never feel settled, but God would have me doing what I love to do, so that His purposes could be met through my life and the people I meet. What I do want to say  is that there is not a day that goes by when the words you have spoken to me and the times we have spent together go without my notice and appreciation. Though Spain is not necessarily a remote place, it feels remote to a lover-of-Christ; I hang on every moment with Him…and I hang on every thought of you, every podcast and letter of encouragement.

I don’t want to let another moment go by without me saying thanks!

To Tithemi: you are the people who have given me my roots, who introduced me to the greatest love Jesus, who showed me how to access the Holy Spirit and to walk in constant faith. Thank you for giving me that foundation that I needed this year. I also know that house is full of prayer, warriors in worship, and that has been what has given me breath and strength! Eric and Natalie and the body there, your own pursuits of the kingdom have been an absolute source for my desire to.

To IVC: When I went to college, I never though that I would find a place as satisfying as my church back home, but I found you (sadly 2 years in) because of a weird encounter in Greece with a certain armenian (who we all love)  who became my spiritual sister and introduced me to all of you. And what a wonderful bunch you are. You showed me that it is ok to look wierd, to let my hair down…basically to become God’s little hippy. I love being God’s little hippy. You  taught me that no matter how much I stressed,( and no matter how scared I was to lead worship for you), that God speaks through those who are weak and who are willing. Thank you for teaching me to live the life of Jesus.

To Saviour’s Place: I put you last, not because I met you last ( in fact I met you when I was just a baby christian!), but because I consider you the church of my grown-up life, and one that considerably racks my brain! Just over a year ago, reading George’s book, my life’s destiny came into place and God gave me some promises I will never let go of (see previous post!).

I also want to thank Saviour’s Place and Revolution Reality for putting up podcasts…it really keeps me connected to the movement of the Spirit within the community. I love walking with you.

You are all so important to me and I miss you. I hope to see you soon!